Wide Bore MRI : Cutting Edge Imaging

At Merlin Park Imaging Centre we have invested heavily in cutting edge MRI equipment to ensure you have the best scan experience possible while providing your consultant with high quality diagnostic information. The Siemens Espree is a State of the art high field 1.5T MRI scanner with a feeling of space not normally associated with MRI scanners.

*At least 30% of patients undergoing examinations in conventional MRI scanners complain of claustrophobia related anxiety symptoms. Up to 15% of patients have failed studies due to extreme claustrophobia. The Siemens Espree MRI scanner can overcome this problem in the vast majority of patients in this group. This permits diagnostic information to be obtained in a group of patients for whom MRI was not previously accessible.

Feet first and heads out for most exams.

Thanks to Magnetom Espree’s short 125 cm magnet, 60% of all applications can be done with the patient's head outside of the Open Bore. For every patient 5ft 2” or taller all scans below chest level can be performed “feet first”.

No more claustrophobia - More space than ever before!

More headroom, more legroom, more elbowroom means that you don't feel like you're nose-to-nose with the magnet. If you are claustrophobic or anxious about the MRI exam you will feel more relaxed throughout the exam than with any other scanner.

The Espree wide bore design provides 1ft (30cm) headroom.

More comfort

The open bore design allows larger patients to undergo MRI examinations that would not be technically possible on conventional MR scanners. The scanner has a weight limit of 40st (550lb, 250kg)*. Patient comfort is further enhanced by the use of “ultra lightweight coils”

If you have any queries regarding claustrophobic or larger patients please feel to contact us for further information.


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